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We do fair dealings with suppliers and are striving to strengthen relationships of trust as partners to grow and develop.

Promotion of CSR procurement

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, we think that efforts throughout the supply chain are indispensable. We are aiming to understand Suisho’s basic philosophy and CSR approach to domestic as well as overseas business partners, and to work together on themes such as human rights, safety and health, the environment, quality, and social contribution.

Suisho Group CSR Procurement Guidelines

In 2011, we established the “Suisho Group CSR Procurement Guidelines”. This guideline covers all suppliers of the Suisho group. Of the nine guidelines published on the Suisho website, etc., the main items are stipulated in the contract terms and conditions to be concluded with suppliers and are confirmed at the time of contract.

To all our suppliers

The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility) efforts has increased year by year. Suisho believes that providing society with safe and secure buildings to customers and society is a social responsibility that should be achieved first as a construction company. Today, however, various other initiatives such as measures against global warming and consideration for human rights are also required. Suisho Corporation established ” Suisho corporate philosophy ” in January 2011, which stated its contribution to the realization of a sustainable society . The Suisho group promotes procurement activities according to the “Code of Conduct” stipulated in ” Suisho’s Basic Philosophy “.

In order for a company to fulfill its social responsibility through business activities, obviously, efforts are required throughout the relevant supply chain. It goes without saying that understanding and cooperation of every one of the suppliers is indispensable. Therefore, this time we picked up items commonly requested by society and formulated as “Suisho Group CSR Procurement Guidelines”.

We would like to ask everyone to work actively and sustainably on the following nine items in order to further improve the level. In addition, CSR efforts should be applied not only to you but also to the entire supply chain, so we request that similar consideration be taken. We will continue procurement activities while confirming the status of your efforts from time to time in the future.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
Please comply with all applicable laws and regulations, social norms and spirit applied in the country or region where business activities are conducted.

We will strive to raise awareness and thoroughly disseminate them by participating in workshops organized by Suisho group companies.
2. Establishment of corporate ethics
Please have business ethics based on fair competition rules with high ethical standards.

Do not give or receive inappropriate profits.
Based on the purpose of the Boryokudan Countermeasure Law etc, we block all relationships with antisocial forces.
Respect intellectual property rights.
Protects the rights of internal whistleblowers.
We will strive to properly disclose corporate information.
3. Respect for human rights
Promote business activities based on the spirit of respect for human rights.

Do not do discrimination on the grounds of sex, age, race, hometown, presence of disability, physical characteristics, etc., and acts that violate human rights such as sexual harassment.
4. Securing safety and health
Please ensure safety and health for all people involved in the project.

Establish a system for voluntarily ensuring safety and health, and strive to maintain and improve it.
In the field, establish a safety and health management system, improve voluntary safety and health management by cooperating with disaster prevention activities by appropriate implementation and operation of occupational health and safety management system.
At the work site, thorough safety and hygiene for people concerned, including customers and people in the surrounding area.
On site, we promote the use of labor safety documents ASP “Green Site”.
We will strive to raise awareness and thoroughly disseminate them by participating in workshops organized by Suisho group companies.
Cooperate with the Suisho group companies’ safety and health securing activities.
5. Environmental considerations
Please promote business activities that take into consideration carbon dioxide reduction, resource recycling, and natural symbiosis.

We will strive to reduce carbon dioxide through energy conservation and resource saving.
We strive to recycle resources through green procurement such as measures to reduce waste such as reduction of emissions and improvement of recycling rate, measures against chemical substances such as hazardous substances reduction and appropriate management, adoption of environmentally-friendly products, technology and construction laws.
We strive for coexistence of nature through consideration of biodiversity.
We will voluntarily establish a system for environmental consideration and strive to maintain and improve it.
In the field, we will thoroughly consider the environment to the concerned parties such as customers and those in the surrounding area.
We will strive to raise awareness and thoroughly disseminate them by participating in workshops organized by Suisho group companies.
Cooperate with environmental conscious activities of each company of Suisho Group.
6. Ensuring quality
Please ensure the quality required for products and services.

We will voluntarily establish a system for ensuring quality and strive to maintain and improve it.
We will strive to raise awareness and thoroughly disseminate them by participating in workshops organized by Suisho group companies.
Cooperate with quality assurance activities of each company of Suisho Group.
7. Construction of disaster risk management system
Please establish a risk management system in preparation for disasters from normal times.

We actively work on building BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and strive to comply with delivery schedule and construction period.
8. Ensuring information security
Please thoroughly prevent leakage of personal information and confidential information (drawing, such as all documents related to construction and electronic information).

Prohibition of use of file exchange software, use of individual owned personal computer, external storage medium, taking measures to prevent theft and loss.
Always apply the latest versions of anti-virus software and security fixes.
Do not post and reprint information on construction on blogs • SNS • Twitter etc on a public community site.
We are prohibiting the connection of our company’s personal computer to the network of each company of Suisho group, and thoroughly manage the user ID and password issued.
9. Social Contributions
Please actively engage if there are issues of society and areas that need to be resolved in conscious of CSR procurement and practice.

Communicate with the community through volunteer activities and others.
We will actively participate in the efforts of each company of Suisho Group.

Suisho Forestry Association

Approximately 1,100 companies of various engineering societies are members of “Suisho Forestry Association” organized by suppliers nationwide. Suisho Corporation regularly monitors the soundness of member companies. Suisho Forestry Association member companies periodically hold a liaison meeting to share information such as revising safety laws and regulations, handling legal welfare expenses, and responding to increasing numbers of foreign technical interns who are increasing recently I will. Suisho Corporation has positioned Suisho Forestry Association as an important stakeholder, also conducts hearing and other activities, promotes communication, and builds relationship of trust.

Support for education and workshops

Suisho Corporation is working together with suppliers to improve safety and health, including safety patrols and safety and health education. In addition, we are improving the safety and sanitation management capabilities of suppliers and providing support to improve and enhance the management system.
We provide information on safety and health, quality, compliance with laws and regulations with suppliers, and also dispatch employees to training sessions as lecturers.

In each construction office, a “foreman association” consisting of suppliers is organized. The foreman meeting, matters relating to safety as well, such as the desire to lead to the improvement of the working environment are discussed, the contents of which are offered to the Suisho Corporation, has been negotiated for improvement.
In addition, we have established a system that allows employees of suppliers to report using the Omura Group’s corporate ethics reporting system. Forced labor and child labor by Suisho Group employees such as in the field, if the illegal act leading to the legal violation is suspected that any chance occurrence, is a system that can report to anonymous Suisho Group hotline (internal and external). In this system, the company of the whistleblower and the reporting person is not unreasonably handled.

Securing and nurturing human resources of construction technicians

In recent years, in the construction industry, facing the problem of lack of human resources of construction engineers due to aging workers and a decrease in young employees. In order to solve this problem, we are working to nurture construction personnel and secure human resources, including problems such as promoting social insurance participation and improving subcontracting structure. In addition, Suisho Payment is paying appropriate wages to cooperating companies with reference to labor cost unit set by the country.

Suisho Forest Association Education and Training School

We opened an education and training school (* 1) in 2014 with the aim of fostering construction engineers and passing on skills to the next generation. We have three courses of tough labor, reinforcement work and formwork, and our company and suppliers are acting as lecturers. The trainee will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary at the construction site, such as construction, safety management, CAD, etc. for about 1.5 months.
In addition, a short-term course specialized for CAD has also been established, so far 105 people (as of the end of March 2018) have completed and they are active at construction sites.

* 1 Wide area organization implementing vocational training utilizing the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare system. Suisho Forestry Association Education and Training School has received certification from Tokyo

Super supervisor (* 2), super operator (* 3) system

It is a system to recognize especially excellent talent from the foreman who bundles construction technicians, to pay a certain amount of allowance and to pay it.
In fiscal 2016, we established a junior class for young employees under the age of 40 and started certification for an excellent crane operator.
To encourage awareness as a super supervisor and aim to raise consciousness and strengthen the connection between the employees, we regularly hold super supervisor association society.
At the exchange meeting, lectures on safety, announcement of expectations and requests from the construction office manager, as well as exchanging opinions on topics such as on-site weekly holidays, ideas for improving retention of young engineers, efficiency improvement I will. Approximately 80 people participated in FY 2017.
Suisho Certification Predominant Employee Opportunities
Suisho Certified Excellent Crane Operator

Support recruitment activities

I think that it is not only the supplier but also the important role of Suisho Corporation to promote the entry of the next generation construction technicians and pass on technology. Suisho Corporation, in cooperation with Suisho Forestry Association, holds a joint company briefing session for teachers in charge of finding employment in high school from FY 2014. In FY 2017, a total of 13 events were held at six locations in Sapporo, Tohoku, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyushu, and a total of 81 schools participated.
We also organize occupational experiences site tours for high school students and vocational school students. By experiencing several kinds of courses such as rebar / gas pressure welding, plastering, painting, etc., I aim to ask “judge myself in the construction industry” and judge suitability as a technician.

Safety and Health

Suisho Corporation considers the safety of the construction site where many people work is the most important matter, and is working on the safety and health of the construction site to protect the safety and health of all the workers.

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