Corporate philosophy

Suisho's aims, the mission to be fulfilled in society

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“Earth friendly” leading company

  • We will create new value in the space through integrity manufacturing through superior technology.
  • We will consider society’s problems as a good corporate citizen considering the global environment.
  • We value all people involved in the project.
    Through these, Suisho Corporation will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Corporate Code of Conduct

Guidelines for realizing the corporate philosophy and continuing to be a company trusted by all stakeholders

Providing quality buildings and services

We provide safe, secure and high-quality construction materials and services through sincere manufacturing and innovation of technology to meet customers’ trust.

Realization of a company that values people

We strive to ensure the safety and health of working people while working environment where diverse personnel can make full use of personality and ability, can work with rewarding.

Strengthening relationship of trust with suppliers

We will conduct fair transactions with suppliers and strive to strengthen our relationship of trust as a partner that grows and develops together.

Build a good relationship with society

We will respect the cultures and customs of each country / region and promote harmony with society as a good corporate citizen.

Thorough corporate ethics

Practice of compliance with laws and ordinary practices

In addition to complying with laws and regulations as a company, each and every employee and employee will work to cultivate ethics and act with good sense.

Promotion of fair and free competition

We will contribute to the maintenance and development of a healthy market by promoting fair and free competition in accordance with relevant laws such as the Antimonopoly Act.

Maintaining a sound relationship with stakeholders

We will maintain a healthy relationship in relation to all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, communities, etc., including relations with politics and administration.

Elimination of antisocial forces

We will respond firmly to antisocial forces that shake the order and safety of society and thoroughly eliminate it.

Proper information dissemination and ensuring management transparency

We will disclose corporate information appropriately, actively disseminate information, and secure management transparency.

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