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As a good corporate citizen, we are promoting social contribution activities.

Social Contribution Activity Policy

In order to promote social contribution activities as a good corporate citizen, Suisho Corporation has established basic policies and has established priority areas and is working.

Suisho corporate social contribution basic policy
In order to realize a sustainable society, we will actively work on solving social issues as a good corporate citizen based on Suisho’s basic philosophy.

  • Company’s Approach Attitude
  • Promote social contribution activities that make full use of management resources from a global perspective through domestic and overseas business or activities beyond business.
  • We will promote social contribution activities that utilize each other’s characteristics, in cooperation with various social factors such as local communities, NPOs / NGOs, administrative offices.

  • Disclose the contents of social contribution activities widely to society.
  • Participation by employees
  • Based on the idea that employees voluntarily participate in society, it will lead to social development and employee growth; we will support social contribution activities that employees do as a citizen.
  • Activities of Group Companies
  • Based on Suisho social contribution basic policy, group companies will promote social contribution activities making full use of their management resources.

Priority fields

Consideration for the global environment
We will work on solving issues related to the global environment to realize “low carbon society”, “circulating society” and “nature symbiosis society”.
Disaster prevention and restoration at disaster reconstruction
As a mission of the construction industry, we will make effective use of managerial resources to prepare for disasters and restoration / reconstruction at the time of disaster.
Coexistence with local communities
As a member of the community, we will endeavor to realize a better community through activities based on the requests of each community.
Fostering the next generation
Through conveying the appeal of manufacturing, we will support the development of the next generation that will bear the future of the construction industry.

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