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SUISHO Group is one of the largest construction holdings in Russia. For more than twenty years SUISHO has been conducting construction projects in Russia and worldwide.

A considerable experience and competence make it possible for SUISHO to fulfill any activities from initial design to warranty maintenance with due quality and in due time using the most advanced technologies.


SUISHO performs the following activities in the field of engineering:

  • Design: project management, development of conceptual design, feasibility study, basic and detail design, as built documentation, and field engineering
  • Survey: geoinformation systems, topographic survey, geological studies, electrical measurement of soil parameters
  • Engineering support: consulting, technical assessment, technical assumptions, cost estimation, supervision for compliance with the applicable requirements.
  • Projects: Yugo-Zapadnaya power plant, offshore ice-resistant platform LSP-1 on the Korchagin oil and gas field, gasification facilities in Belarus, Irkutsk Region, Samara Region, power distribution facilities of the Kalinin nuclear power plant (unit 4), Gazelle gas pipeline (Czech Republic), Sheiba-Abqaiq oil pipeline (Saudi Arabia), gas processing plant -1 (Syria), East-West gas pipeline (India).

Cooperation with the leading Russian manufacturers is actively encouraged as well. In 2013, SUISHO singed memorandum of partnership with St Petersburg Electromechanical Plant when implementing the projects of fuel and energy sector.

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