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We are working on consistent quality control and ongoing improvement in order to provide construction products that customers can use with security, satisfaction, and pride.

Quality control system

Under the quality policy, Suisho has established a quality management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001, and under the supervision of QMS, consistent quality control and continuous quality management at each stage of planning, design, construction and after-sales service We are making improvements.

Quality policy

Based on the practice of continuous improvement aiming at improving customer satisfaction, we provide construction products that customers can use with peace of mind, satisfaction, and pride, thereby raising the trust of Suisho, furthering the company’s further development To figure out.

Basic goal

  • Accurately grasps customer’s needs.
  • Develop and adapt the needs of customers from the professional point of view to appropriate quality.
  • Develop and adapt the needs of customers from the professional point of view to appropriate quality.
  • To satisfy applicable laws, regulations, standards and standards. Also adapt to environmental and social conditions.
  • Always develop technology and use optimal holding technology.
  • Maintain economic efficiency.
  • Observe the construction term.
  • Construct safely.
  • Prevent the recurrence of defects.
  • Appropriately respond to customers’ needs for completed buildings.
  • Always improve and improve work.

Training personnel to support quality

Suisho Corporation aims at improving the construction management skills of engineers and carries out various programs such as lectures to learn expert knowledge and technical exercise training according to the year of employment.

Various training programs

For new recruits, we conduct training at the Fuji Education and Training Center (* 1) to experience construction site work such as surveying, rebar / formwork assembly, material inspection. Learn the difficulty of actual procedure and work by moving hands by themselves, and improve the ability.
For employees up to the fourth year since joining the company, we conduct technical training every year to learn technology related to the annual learning of expertise and construction plan based on group work.
In addition, we offer various programs for high-quality quality and on-site construction management, including exercise-type technical training for medium-sized employees.
Besides that, we are also carrying out the latest quality management training utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology.

Technology development and solutions

In order to respond to the needs of a wide variety of customers at lower cost and shorter time limit, we asked “what kind of problems are customers having, what kind of technology is necessary to solve them, While always thinking about how you can make use of it to solve the problem, we are advancing the optimum proposal for customers and technological development enabling them.

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