Suisho Group Medium-Term Management Plan 2017

MEDIUM-TERM MANAGEMENT PLAN 2019-02-28T11:39:51+00:00

Purpose of formulation

The Suisho group should achieve “the future image of the aim” of the 150th anniversary (2042) of the foundation, with a view to “Realization of a sustainable society” listed in the corporate philosophy, to achieve in the first five years of the road map to realize that Mid-Term Business Plan 2017 “was formulated as a result of the achievement and measures to be taken.

The Suisho group’s performance has been greatly improved against the backdrop of the recovery of the domestic construction market and productivity improvement, and the improvement of the financial structure has been steadily improving. The Suisho Group’s medium-term business plan 2015 “It is expected that we can achieve the goals listed in the last year generally without waiting for the final year.

On the other hand, looking at the business environment of the Suisho group, although the Japanese economy is steadily growing, there are growing uncertainties in the political and economic aspects of the world including the withdrawal from the UK in the EU and trends in the new US administration, Such as the normalization of terrorism in various places, the future is increasing the uncertainty. In addition, technological innovation in various fields is progressing at an accelerating pace beyond the expectation, and the Suisho group is demanding constant evolution and growth not to be bound by the existing frame.

Under such circumstances, in order to maintain and expand the current performance that is at record high earnings with the full strength of the Suisho group, to grasp changes in the business environment as opportunities for growth and to strike ahead for the future, We will formulate a new medium-term management plan a year ahead of schedule and promote our business.

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