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Supporting corporate activities is the power of each and every employee. We are promoting the creation of a workplace where diverse human resources can make the best use of their individuality and abilities.

Respect for human rights

Under Suisho’s basic philosophy, we respect the respect of human rights as one of the important tasks in corporate social responsibility and stipulate its policy.
Suisho corporate human rights policy
In accordance with the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Suisho Corporation respects fundamental human rights and takes care that all people are not discriminated against by race, sex, age, nationality, religion, social origin, I will continue.

For that reason, we will work on education and awareness so that employees and all people involved in the project will not discriminate against anyone and recognize the importance of having a correct human rights sense and human rights awareness. Even in overseas projects, we respect international rules such as the ILO Convention, prohibit forced labor and child labor, and thoroughly comply with laws and regulations in each country / region.
Established June 1, 2011

We have established a human rights enlightenment promotion committee chaired by personnel officers and holds personnel department managers, director general affairs departments at each store, and personnel officials of each job category as members and holds them once each year. In this committee, in addition to reviewing implementation status of human rights enlightenment training, planning future training plans, initiating measures such as mental health care and harassment prevention, and promoting employment of people with disabilities, depending on the business content and regionalist We are discussing the issues.

In addition, we have set up a consultation window on human rights violations such as harassment, discrimination against people with disabilities inside and outside the company, and have a mechanism to report and consult not only employees but also temporary staff and suppliers. In the case of human rights problems, the Human Resources Department will deal with serious problems, but in the case of serious cases, the Crisis Management Committee will analyze the factors of occurrence and resolve them, and the process and factors will be used as reference cases for implementing human rights due diligence I am doing.

Human rights education
We are developing human rights awareness training for all employees, focusing on topics according to each level and capturing human rights issues on an initiative basis. At this workshop, the themes of familiar human rights, such as SOGI (sexual orientation and sexual recognition), disabled people, Dowa issue, foreigners, diversity & inclusion, issues of ISO 26000 (* 1) and OECD multinational corporate behavior Based on global trends in business and human rights, such as formulation of guidelines and adoption of sustainable development targets (SDGs), international topics on human rights issues are taken up as themes

In addition, we set a theme concerning human rights each year and conduct training for all employees. We are recruiting enlightenment by recruiting human rights enlightenment slogans from Suisho group employees and their families and posting excellent works on posters as we meet the human rights week of December 10 every year.

In addition, we have set guidelines as measures to prevent sexual harassment and maternity harassment. In keeping pushing forward with global business development more and more, not only in Japan, but also overseas bases observe the labor regulations of each country and region, all people involved in the business relief based on the idea of diversity & inclusion We are promoting the creation of a working environment.
* 1 ISO 26000 the international guidance standard on social responsibility standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in November 2010.

Labor and management efforts

We respect employees’ basic rights and stipulate working conditions based on various laws and regulations. In addition, we respect employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, have a collective bargaining agreement, and 6,653 employees, except managers, are members. (The participation rate of those qualified as union members is 100%).

Regular holding of labor-management councils such as the labor council and the hygiene committee, we have established a wide range of workplace-related workplace environments (promotion of time reduction, work system, care support nursing care), welfare system, safety and health, We are talking about themes. Changes in labor conditions and others are decided beforehand between labor and management as items to be negotiated by labor and management.

In addition, we conduct surveys on the satisfaction level of company life for employees, review the system by receiving the opinions. For the results, we publish booklets for employees and disclose them on the intranet.

Diversity of human resources

Suisho Corporation respects human nature based on the idea that it is the power of each and every employee that supports the company. For that reason, we will not do unjustifiable discrimination in reasons such as race, sex, nationality, religion, etc. which are stipulated in the Human Rights Policy in all aspects such as recruitment and promotion, due to reasons not related to ability or duty performance. We are promoting the creation of a workplace where diverse human resources can play an active role, and each individual demonstrates their individual abilities to the fullest and is active in both domestic and overseas.

Implementation of appropriate personnel evaluation

In Suisho Corporation, the appropriate treatment based on appropriate personnel evaluation is the basis of the personnel system. Personnel evaluation is targeted to all employees, and it is done after boss and subordinate have discussed targets and results twice a year in full. In order to ensure the transparency and satisfaction of personnel evaluation, we make it a mechanism that the principal can confirm the final evaluation. We have set up a salary system and make a system whereby personnel evaluations are fairly reflected in the salary system irrespective of sex, place of work or the like.

Technology retention by re-employees after retirement

We strive to transfer the DNA of Suisho Corporation such as “attitude of integrity manufacturing” and “technology power” that has been inherited from our foundation. The retirement age after retirement system provides new employment opportunities for mandatory retirees and contributes to passing on experiences and expertise that veteran employees have cultivated over many years in various fields to young employees.

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

Suisho Corporation established the special subsidiary Oak Friendly Service in 2001 and has 11 offices nationwide and is engaged in hiring mentally disabled and mentally handicapped persons. Under the guidance of a job coach with expert knowledge, employees are in charge of work that takes into consideration the characteristics of disabilities, aiming for independence while touching society. We regularly accept students from special support schools as internship students.

The development of human resources

Suisho’s DNA, such as “sincere manufacturing advice” and “technological capability” that have been inherited from our founding, are supported by our employees. Based on the idea that human resources are one of the most important management resources for Suisho, we regard human resource development as an important issue. In fiscal 2017, we conducted about 24 hours of education per person.

Suisho’s education system

New employees receive group training to learn business skills as professionals regardless of occupation for one month after joining the company. After finishing training such as group work such as lecture and discussion, you will learn professional skills by job classification.

Practical workers will realize growth that is appropriate for each employee by turning the PDCA cycle throughout the year in the workplace. We appoint “instructors” in the same workplace and gradually improve their skills while receiving detailed guidance so that you can acquire the foundation of practice, knowledge and skills certainly.

There are also “common collective training” that learns the necessary knowledge and skills by hierarchy as officials of Suisho, as training outside the workplace for all levels, and training divided into business areas and business areas.

Oversea study abroad program
We have established a system to support overseas schools, research institutes, foreign companies etc. for the purpose of developing skills of young and medium-sized employees. Experienced students in international studies are active in various fields including overseas departments.

Fostering global human resources

Suisho’s DNA, such as “sincere manufacturing advice” and “technological capability” that have been inherited from our founding, are supported by our employees. Based on the idea that human resources are one of the most important management resources for Suisho, we regard human resource development as an important issue. In fiscal 2017, we conducted about 24 hours of education per person.

Training national staff

The Suisho group continues to conduct practical training in Japan for the purpose of acquiring the latest construction technology and safety management method owned by Suisho Corporation for the national staff (employees who have been employed locally by overseas group companies) doing. Those who completed the training are contributing to improving the technical capabilities of each group company and acting as human resources who are responsible for group collaboration.

In fiscal 2017, 23 national staff in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States got trained at construction sites in Japan.

Promote the success of female employees

Based on the idea that human resources are one of the most important management resources, we have been adopting person-oriented early from the beginning, and assigning the right place for the right gender regardless of gender. Among female engineers, there are also directors, field directors, and others who are active as senior positions, and the proportion of female executives is 8.0% as of the end of FY 2017, which is the top level in the industry.

We are also promoting efforts to further promote female employees, such as regular holding of opinion exchange meeting of female engineers, examination of environment where women engineers during child-rearing period are easy to work on site.

Since 2005, when the Law for Promotion of Measures to Cultivate Next-Generation Education was enacted, the number of female employees reached approximately five times by 2014 as a result of women’s efforts to improve working conditions and active promotion. In the future we plan to set the ratio of female executives to 10% and the proportion of female employees of technology to about 10% by 2024, and we will promote the creation of an environment that enables each and every employee to work regardless of gender.

Promoting work-life balance

Aiming to reduce total working hours
In the construction industry, reduction of working hours at construction sites is an important issue.
Suisho Corporation is working to reduce total working hours through planned vacation acquisition and environmental awareness and awareness rising to reduce overtime work.

The company and the union hold a council to reduce total working hours and distribute holiday acquisition promotion posters
Promotion of vacation acquisition (Acquisition of annual paid vacation / Annual paid leave system on a half day basis / Refresh leave system at the milestone of years of service / On-site leave system that can be acquired by workers Work transfers that can be acquired at the time of relocation Time leave system etc.)
No overtime day implementation

Supporting the balance between work and parenting

We have established various systems for children who will be responsible for the future and employees who are raising children, and we support the balance of work and child rearing.

  • Various systems to support child rearing
  • Maternity and childbirth leave system
  • Childcare leave system
  • Leave system for spouse birth
  • Short-time work system for childcare
  • Overtime work exemption system
  • Nursing leave system
  • Babysitter expense subsidy system
  • Lending system for infertility treatment costs and child education expenses
  • Next-generation training support measures
  • Suisho Corporation has obtained accreditation (Kurumin) based on the Law for Promotion of Measures to Support the Development of the Next

Generation To form a society in which children who are responsible for the next generation of society are born healthy and cultivated, formulate an action plan as a company , We are working on a continuous basis.
The first action plan (plan period: April 2005 to September 2007), the second action plan (plan period: October 2007 to September 2009), Third action plan (plan period: 2009 From October to September 2011, the Fourth Action Plan (Planned Period: October 2011 to March 2015) and the Fifth Action Plan (Planning Period: April 2015 to March 2017) , We have achieved the targeted objectives. Currently under the Sixth Action Plan, we are working on improving the internal system and enlightenment.

Supporting balance between work and nursing care

Along with the progress of aging society, it is expected that the number of employees who take care while working will increase. Suisho Corporation has established various systems so that employees can face care of their families with peace of mind.

  • Nursing care leave system
  • Care time system
  • Nursing care leave system

  • Nursing care service system (phone consultation, information provision etc.)
  • A nursing-care leave system using annual paid holidays that have been revoked
  • Long-term care subsidy system

Promotion of mind and body health

The physical and psychological health of working people is very important in enhancing the vitality of the company. Suisho Corporation is striving to create employee health through various initiatives so that employees can live a healthy and fulfilling life both physically and mentally.

  • Mental health measures (implementation of stress check, counseling by specialist, mental health training etc)
  • Implementation of various health checkups
  • Establishment of external health counseling desk (health consultation by phone, e-mail)
  • Assistance for human dog examination fee
  • Smoking cessation treatment
  • With regard to overseas workers, we believe that the risk of disease outbreak will be higher than in domestic work, and all employees who are new overseas workers (42 in 2017) are recommended for vaccination against hepatitis A and B and tetanus doing. Depending on the area of travel, we also recommend immunization such as rabies, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid fever etc. based on information released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We also have health support for overseas workers and their families who can consult with people on the phone and online.

In addition, we are obligating special health examination for persons who do special work in the construction site in Japan, and are trying to maintain and maintain health.

Mental Health

Suisho Corporation is working on mental health care of employees, taking various opportunities to create an environment where everyone can work healthily. We conduct various types of mental health training throughout the year for each level of young people, middle management level, senior management positions, so that each person acquires correct knowledge about mental health and can maintain their own mental health.
Also, we are striving to enhance the consultation desk that employees can use easily, and in addition to the outside consultation desk that can be used 24 hours a day, we also set up a “mental health counseling room” within the company and provide information such as stress management etc. , Specialists and clinical psychologists (counselors) provide detailed support for employee mental health.

Headquarters Health Management Center “Health consultation room” Clinical psychologist Professor Ishii Rumi
The importance of mental health measures is increasing more and more in the stressful contemporary society. In training, we mainly focus on “self care”, which learns how to notice the stress of ourselves and deal with it, and “line care” to learn how to communicate with subordinates and respond to discontented persons, incorporating cognitive behavior therapy.
In addition, in the mental health counseling room, we help consult with employees and support and adjust to return to work to help create a workplace environment where all of our employees can live and work.

Implementation of employee’s awareness survey

Suisho Corporation regularly implements employee awareness surveys for all employees to create a workable environment, and reflects it in reviewing and newly establishing various systems. In recent years, we reviewed the system on vacation. The results of the survey are posted in the in-house newsletter, aiming to improve the satisfaction of employees.

Personnel data

  • Employee composition
  • Status of female executives
  • Recruitment record of foreign students
  • Employment rate of people with disabilities
  • Number of re-employed and reemployment rate after retirement
  • Vacation Acquisition Status
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