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We promote daily safety and health activities by ensuring the safety and health of workers and promoting the formation of a comfortable working environment as a safety and health philosophy .

Safety and health philosophy

  • Observe the Occupational Safety and Health Law and other related laws and regulations and Suisho Corporation internal regulations.
  • Properly implement and operate occupational health and safety management system.
  • Improve voluntary safety and health management of partner companies.

Occupational Safety and Health Management System

Suisho Corporation has established the Central Safety and Health Committee, chaired by the president. We hold meetings more than twice a year to deliberate and consider basic matters relating to safety and health, such as prevention of occupational accidents and health disorders, maintenance and promotion of health. In addition, in order to realize the safety and health philosophy, we are operating the “Occupational Safety and Health Management System” that systemizes the management method for safety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Management System clarifies the occupational safety and health policy of the organization and manages the organization, planning, procedures, etc. about the cycle from implementation, achievement, review and maintenance. Suisho Corporation aims to continuously improve the policies and targets, turning the PDCA cycle, and setting it.

Efforts to prevent occupational accidents

Goals and Priority Measures for FY 2018
Death injury 0 (zero)

  • Prevention of occupational accidents by leadership of the head of the construction office
  • Establish and implement an appropriate work plan
    Formulation of work plan and confirmation of plan contents according to characteristics of work site and work content
    Well-known planning and work procedures to all workers concerned
    Compliance with work procedures, thorough suspension of work at work change and reconfirmed
  • Prevention of machine disasters
    Prevention of disaster by construction machinery, especially backhoe
    Prevention of disasters by rigging work
    Preventing disasters by tools
  • Prevention of crash and falling disaster
    Thorough use of safety belt
    Confirmation and correction of safety installation status
    Prevention of falling disaster (height less than 2 m)
  • Improvement of safety and health management ability
    Strengthening safety and health education for staff and employees and workers
    Establish and instruct voluntary safety and health management activities by cooperating companies
  • Promoting health-conscious workplace environments
    Guidance on proper placement considering workers’ health condition and age
    Implementation of heat stroke prevention measures and prompt response when heat stroke is suspected
    Promotion of employee mental and physical health
  • Preventing third-party disasters
    Flying Flying Outside Preventing Disasters
    Tumbling in the vicinity of site entrance and prevention of contact disasters with construction vehicles

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

In the construction project, we need to comply with many environmental laws and regulations. Suisho organically organizes and confirms environmental laws related to construction work and responds promptly and appropriately. Also, in order to respond to inquiries from construction offices and other places, we have personnel in charge of environmental law at bases nationwide (headquarters, head office, branch office), carefully examined important contents and horizontally expanded. Every year we conduct group-wide training aimed at personnel in charge of environmental laws and regulations through company-wide e-learning training, and is also working to raise awareness of environmental laws and improve awareness.

Environmental education / recognition

We conduct training based on business activities with the aim of avoiding serious environmental impacts due to lack of awareness and thorough dissemination and improving the effectiveness of environmental activities. In addition, for the entire Suisho Group, we have promoted activities with outstanding environmental achievements or other exemplary activities to raise employees’ awareness of the environmental field and to strengthen initiatives in our business activities.

Suisho Green Bond

Suisho Corporation issued “Suisho Green Bond” (Suisho’s 23rd unsecured corporate bond) according to the public offering format in the domestic corporate bond market. Green Bond means that the International Capital Markets Association is a member of the International Capital Markets Association in order to raise funds for green projects (projects with environmental improvement effect, renewable energy projects, construction of energy-saving buildings, etc.) by companies, local governments, etc. It is a bond issued according to the Green Bond principle and the Green Bond Guidelines established by the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Major environmental participation groups (FY 2017)
  • General Association Sustainability Science Consortium (SSC)
  • Green Energy Partnership
  • Sustainability Communication Network (NSC)
  • Keidanren Nature Conservation Council
  • Yamashina Institute for Avian Bird Foundation
  • Smart Community Alliance (JSCA)
  • Minato Environmentally Friendly Business Conference
  • Platinum Society Study Group
  • General Building Green Building Japan LEED Liaison Committee
  • Waseda University smart social technology promotion council

Other initiatives

Applied to the recruitment of companies that formulate Science Based Targets (SBT) and Supply Chain Emission Calculation of “Carbon Pricing Way to Study Group” sponsored by Ministry of the Environment and participate in study group
Promoting a project aimed at building a recycling-oriented society based on the purport of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Council”

Global Warming Countermeasure Report

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, when the total amount of energy (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.) used by multiple business establishments set up in the Tokyo metropolitan area is more than 3,000 kiloliters in terms of crude oil equivalent, measures for energy conservation measures It is obligatory to submit a report describing the situation etc.
Suisho Corporation publishes a report on the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau based on this system.

Environmental data

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, when the total amount of energy (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.) used by multiple business establishments set up in the Tokyo metropolitan area is more than 3,000 kiloliters in terms of crude oil equivalent, measures for energy conservation measures It is obligatory to submit a report describing the situation etc.
Suisho Corporation publishes a report on the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau based on this system.

  • Achievements for achieving a low-carbon society
  • Achievement record for realizing circulatory society
  • Achievements towards a society that lives in harmony
  • Other Actual Achievements
  • Suisho group environmental data
  • Environmental accounting
  • EMS Actual Value

Prevention of traffic accidents when traveling such as commuting
Three major movements to prevent occupational accidents

  • On-site patrol reinforcement movement

    The officials of the construction office confirm that the instructions are carried out reliably and strengthen patrols to prevent the inspection of safety facilities and prevent unsafe behavior.
  • One-sided motion

    If you notice the unsafe behavior of workers at the construction site, people who you see are cautioned with each other and cautioning each other to prevent disasters from occurring.
  • ATKY (Attack Kwai) activity
    The ATKY activity is one of ATK (safety, inspection, confirmation) that checks safety equipment etc. at work place and KY (risk prediction) that sets action target to predict danger and prevent it Activities that I made. Before starting work, the purpose is to identify hazards and harmful factors that are likely to lead to disasters, decide on measures to eliminate and reduce them, and implement them reliably to prevent disasters in advance.

As part of this activity, we have called efforts to ensure that each worker carries out a pointing designation and confirms safety checks at work sites as “one person ATKY”, and is trying to disseminate it.

Sharing information on safety and health and prevention of recurrence
In the event of a serious disaster, in order to prevent recurrence, we summarize the circumstances, cause, and recurrence prevention measures, horizontally develop information on intranet etc., make necessary education at construction site, endeavor to prevent disaster It is. Also, for items that are deemed to have a high risk of leading to a health hazard according to the work content, such as working in a tunnel pit, we have a committee to improve safety and sanitation facilities, work methods, work environment, improve employment management etc. We are deliberating on this issue.

Safety patrol

Suisho Corporation conducts patrols at all stores to confirm the status of safety and health management at the construction site. Apart from day-to-day patrols by employees and partner companies, especially on sites with a large number of workers and large-scale sites, under the direction of general manager of safety and health of head office and branch office, patrol at each site is set to at least 1 Times be implemented. We also check if appropriate guidance on safety and health is being done and monitor safety and health to cooperating companies.
In addition, we are also carrying out a special patrol (carried out four times a year) by the president and other general superintendent of general safety and sanitation supervisor and deputy general manager, as well as patrol for checking dust prevention status in tunnel construction.

Safety education

In order to deepen our understanding of safety laws and regulations, we are working on training of employees and educational support of suppliers to prevent labor accidents, improve safety and health consciousness, and safety laws and regulations. For employees engaged in construction sites, we conduct hands-on training in order to increase the sensitivity to hidden dangers on site. By simulating experiences similar to real disaster cases, we aim to increase the ability to prevent accidents beforehand and to improve safety leadership ability to suppliers.

In addition, in the information magazine “safety information” issued monthly, in addition to information such as various law changes and safety disaster scores, we share information on high-risk disasters and prevention measures. For example, I introduce it as a high-risk example as a summer heat stroke disaster and prevention of falls due to freezing in the winter.

We are setting up an environment where you can access safety information at any time, such as posting these contents on the intranet and regular e-learning for employees on the theme of actual disaster cases. We raise awareness by contacting information on safety on a daily basis, encourage improvement of safety awareness, and aim for thorough safety at construction sites.

Safety Commendation System

At Suisho Festival, safety awards are conducted for construction sites that are excellent for daily safety management, in order to raise safety awareness and improve the quality of safety management.

Safety and health education support to cooperating companies

Suisho Cooperative Company Organization of Disaster Prevention Association (Disaster Prevention Association) organized by a cooperating company engaged in the construction of Suisho Corporation, in order to improve the level of safety and sanitation together with Suisho Corporation and cooperating companies, safety patrol and safety and health education Implementation, production of educational DVD for construction engineers, etc. are carried out.
Suisho Corporation actively supports the improvement and improvement of the management system aiming at the improvement of voluntary safety and sanitation management ability of cooperating companies.

DVD production for education

Cooperating with the disaster cooperative, we select and create the theme from the current situation in the safety and health of the construction site. It is used for safety and health education at the construction office and safety and health education which the supplier independently performs.

Aiming for a comfortable workplace

The ultimate goal of the reform of work methods of the construction industry is “securing the leaders of the construction industry, sound development of the construction industry”. Suisho Corporation is focusing on achieving “weekend day off on site (4 weeks 8 closed place)”. In order to realize these for employees and technical workers, it is necessary to set up a proper construction period, and in order to do so, customer’s understanding is indispensable. In the pamphlets created by the Japan Construction Federation, etc., we explain to customers.

In addition, regarding promotion of health management promotion etc., please see Promoting work / life balance.

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