President and Representative Director Kenji Hasui

GREETING 2019-02-28T07:45:12+00:00

Since our founding in 1996 (Meiji 25), Suisho has provided high quality construction services with technical strength and good faith work supported by history and tradition.

In recent years, society has undergone significant changes at an unprecedented speed and scale, as technological innovation in various fields has advanced at an accelerating pace. Under these circumstances, the demands of buildings and facilities are rapidly changing and diversifying. In addition to contributing to the business of our customers, we propose anticipation of social needs such as consideration of the environment and providing safe and secure, and by providing high added value and high function construction services, we will contribute to the development of society. We will also contribute.

Suisho Corporation, under the first fiscal year of fiscal 2017, regards changes in the business environment as opportunities for growth, and by striking ahead for the future, the existing business we are aiming for growth that is not restricted by the frame of our company.

We will continue to strictly enforce compliance as an important management task and promote business to realize “a sustainable society” listed in our corporate philosophy and trust all our stakeholders including our customers and our shareholders and investors we will respond to you.

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