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Suisho Corporation will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by working on solving the problems of the global environment in the construction and surrounding business activities.

Environmental policy / vision

Basic principle
Suisho Corporation, as a good corporate citizen of “Earth friendly”, positions voluntary efforts on environmental problems and its continuous improvement as one of the important management issues, draws the future social image through all business activities; we will contribute toward realization of a sustainable society.

Basic policy

  • We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, communicate with local communities, and work on environmental preservation.
  • In order to realize a supple, low carbon, recycling and nature symbiosis society, we will gather together the company’s wisdom and work on it.
  • We will return to society through our business activities the know-how acquired through our environmental conservation activities, and work on the development of effective technologies and new domain businesses to realize the society we aim for.
  • Suisho Corporation, based on this philosophy, sets forth its goals and vision, and works with all employees, affiliated companies, and cooperating companies in a sincere manner.
  • March 1, 2018 Suisho Holding

Suisho Green Vision 2050

The medium- to long-term environmental vision “Suisho Green Vision 2050” was formulated in February 2011 by the method of “back casting” from the viewpoint of contributing to the creation of a sustainable society with regard to the direction Suisho Corporation aims for future business activities Thing. We consider the “social image that should exist in 2050” as a “3 + 1 society” of “low carbon”, “circulation” and “natural symbiosis” based on “safety and security” and concrete We have set action plans and numerical targets for CO2 emissions reduction and are promoting various initiatives.

Organizational structure of environmental management system

At the “CSR Committee” chaired by the president and chaired by the directors and executive officers, we will decide the basic policies and policies of Suisho’s overall environmental activities. “Environmental Management Chief Responsible” will establish, implement and maintain EMS at all stores under the decision of the CSR Committee. In addition to promoting environmental activities at the sites (headquarters, headquarters, branch offices) that are responsible for environmental management and secretariat, we are promoting environmental activities at the “All Store Management Committee Liaison Meeting” held every six months by EMS We are exchanging opinions on this issue.
Suisho Fudo is working on continuous improvement by grasping and evaluating the results of environmental activities at EMS, reviewing the goal setting and activities after the next fiscal year.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

In the construction project, we need to comply with many environmental laws and regulations. Suisho organically organizes and confirms environmental laws related to construction work and responds promptly and appropriately. Also, in order to respond to inquiries from construction offices and other places, we have personnel in charge of environmental law at bases nationwide (headquarters, head office, branch office), carefully examined important contents and horizontally expanded. Every year we conduct group-wide training aimed at personnel in charge of environmental laws and regulations through company-wide e-learning training, and is also working to raise awareness of environmental laws and improve awareness.

Environmental education / recognition

We conduct training based on business activities with the aim of avoiding serious environmental impacts due to lack of awareness and thorough dissemination and improving the effectiveness of environmental activities. In addition, for the entire Suisho Group, we have promoted activities with outstanding environmental achievements or other exemplary activities to raise employees’ awareness of the environmental field and to strengthen initiatives in our business activities.

Suisho Green Bond

Suisho Corporation issued “Suisho Green Bond” (Suisho’s 23rd unsecured corporate bond) according to the public offering format in the domestic corporate bond market. Green Bond means that the International Capital Markets Association is a member of the International Capital Markets Association in order to raise funds for green projects (projects with environmental improvement effect, renewable energy projects, construction of energy-saving buildings, etc.) by companies, local governments, etc. It is a bond issued according to the Green Bond principle and the Green Bond Guidelines established by the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Major environmental participation groups (FY 2017)
  • General Association Sustainability Science Consortium (SSC)
  • Green Energy Partnership
  • Sustainability Communication Network (NSC)
  • Keidanren Nature Conservation Council
  • Yamashina Institute for Avian Bird Foundation
  • Smart Community Alliance (JSCA)
  • Minato Environmentally Friendly Business Conference
  • Platinum Society Study Group
  • General Building Green Building Japan LEED Liaison Committee
  • Waseda University smart social technology promotion council

Other initiatives

Applied to the recruitment of companies that formulate Science Based Targets (SBT) and Supply Chain Emission Calculation of “Carbon Pricing Way to Study Group” sponsored by Ministry of the Environment and participate in study group
Promoting a project aimed at building a recycling-oriented society based on the purport of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Council”

Global Warming Countermeasure Report

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, when the total amount of energy (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.) used by multiple business establishments set up in the Tokyo metropolitan area is more than 3,000 kiloliters in terms of crude oil equivalent, measures for energy conservation measures It is obligatory to submit a report describing the situation etc.
Suisho Corporation publishes a report on the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau based on this system.

Environmental data

  • Achievements for achieving a low-carbon society
  • Achievement record for realizing circulatory society
  • Achievements towards a society that lives in harmony
  • Other Actual Achievements
  • Suisho group environmental data
  • Environmental accounting
  • EMS Actual Value
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