Message to tell the thought and attitude of Suisho’s organization to society.

“Smile on the earth”

As a member of society, Suisho wants to deliver “smile”, which is a symbol of satisfaction and happiness, to all people and the global environment itself, such as customers who work together, people in the community, children who will be in the next generation it is putting in.

“Create with time to make”

Construction Company’s manufacturing is to keep things symbolizing that era “now”, and to provide “new space” and a new “time” with a dream leading from the past to the future. It expresses our attitude of faithfully, carefully, with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and responsibility with our own hands in every process of manufacturing, the activities and actions that each employee addresses.

This same approach encompasses our accredited quality (AS 9001), safety (AS4801) and environmental (ISO 14001) systems that are underpinned by three key pillars:

Focusing on the long term, whole of project life
Focusing on upstream control of critical elements through rigorous analysis of risks and opportunities
Focusing on closing the gap between concept and work process amidst the variability of behaviour and performance within the industry.
Through extensive research and years of experience, Suisho group of companiesrecognises the value of planning at every phase of every project. We are able to temper the focus based on both the client’s and project’s needs in order to minimise risk and maximise value. Our strength lies in appropriately applying these principles into a fully integrated management system known as ‘BOS’ – the Suisho group of companies Operating System. This system encompasses not only key certified systems, but also those disciplines that are the cornerstone of our business, including customer relations, operations (including design, programming, logistics) marketing, people, accounting, safety and sustainability. Suisho group of companies has all of these systems working cohesively, meshing as appropriate in order to deliver efficient, consistent and seamless high-performance outcomes for our clients.

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