Corporate governance

Suisho believes that it is important to build a strong corporate governance structure and enhance management transparency and soundness in order to become a company that is widely trusted by society. Also, in order to achieve sustainable growth of Suisho-ken and to improve corporate value over the medium to long term, make transparent, fair, prompt and decision-making decisions based on the principles of corporate governance codes set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange We are working to enrich our corporate governance.

Approach to corporate ethics

At Suisho Corporation, we’ve worked hard to practice our corporate philosophy and secure trust from society and customers. In addition to complying with laws and regulations as a company, I believe that it is necessary for each employee to cultivate ethics and practice well-behaved behavior with high ethics in corporate activities and develop various measures I will.

Information Security

Risk management
We will establish a security system to protect information assets from three risks (risks arising from force majeure such as natural disasters and infrastructure abnormalities, risks resulting from internal information management, unauthorized access from outside the company etc.) In addition, we are taking preventive measures against emergency situations.
In addition, we regularly provide education on information security to all employees and cooperating staff twice a year to improve the awareness of users and managers of information assets.

Privacy protection

In accordance with the progress of the information-oriented society, since the use of personal information has expanded remarkably, in March 2005 we established the “Personal Information Protection Policy” in order to handle it appropriately and thoroughly enforce all employees I am doing it.

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Suisho Corporation BCP on earthquake
Our mission at the time of the disaster is early restoration of society as a whole. In order to be an organization that can respond promptly and accurately to this mission, we have formulated “BCP at Ohbayashi Earthquake Disaster”, set a target recovery time for business resumption, develop recovery support bases, We also plan maintenance of the network, secure emergency communication means, and cooperate with suppliers. In addition to disaster prevention drills, we regularly verify safety confirmation training by all employees, and we are continuously verifying the effectiveness of BCP.

Support your business continuation

We provide consistent service from diagnosis of customer’s business continuity management (BCM) achievement degree to proposal of concrete disaster risk mitigation measures.

Risk assessment

Suisho’s internal audit department conducts surveys and hearings throughout the company every year to review risks related to economic, social and environmental aspects and review the effectiveness of the risk management process, and the details are discussed at the Board of Directors doing.
Regarding the accounting auditor, we review the quality and system of audit every year and select the appropriate target companies.
Based on the events before the current fiscal year, we estimate the estimated amount of surcharge, etc., which is likely to occur in the future and the settlement amount at the end of the fiscal year and record a reserve. At the end of fiscal 2017, the Suisho Group recorded ¥ 10,529 million as an allowance for losses related to the Antimonopoly Act.
In addition to that, in accordance with the timely disclosure system established at the stock exchanges, we are timely and fairly communicating serious information on companies to stakeholders.

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