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At Suisho Corporation, we have been working to practice our corporate philosophy and secure trust from society and customers for some time. In addition to complying with laws and regulations as a corporation, each employee strives to cultivate ethics and develop various measures under the corporate ethics program in order to practice sensible behavior with high ethics in corporate activities doing.

Establishment of policies and standards for establishing corporate ethics

In addition, in order to further raise awareness of compliance including corporate ethics, and to make it a cornerstone to create a healthy corporate culture, the Articles of Incorporation have established provisions on “compliance with laws and practices with good sense”.

Articles of incorporation
Article 3 (Compliance with laws and practices of sensible behavior)
In our company, each executive officer and employee observes laws and ordinances and practices sensible behavior with high ethical standards in corporate activities. Especially in orders for construction work, we will not do any acts that impede fairness and equity of bidding, such as acts that violate the Penal Code and the Antimonopoly Act (Act on Prohibition of Private Monopoly and Securing Fair Trade).

Improvement of system to ensure thorough corporate ethics

Regarding the corporate ethics program, the president is chief executive officer, the head office executive officer and each branch manager’s office is set up as corporate ethics officer, each division manager as corporate ethics promoter, the top management is responsible for corporate ethics Recognizing that the realization of the spirit of “Suisho’s basic philosophy” is its own role, we are trying to thoroughly raise corporate ethics.

In addition, the “Corporate Ethics Committee” established the president as the chairman, the directors, the executive officers, the outside experts, the staff association chairperson as the committee based on the “Corporate Ethics Committee”, and the “Corporate Ethics Enlightenment”, ” Establishment of policies for compliance with corporate ethics “,” Investigation to clarify facts related to matters contrary to corporate ethics “and” Formulation of measures to prevent recurrence “. Each branch also has a branch office ethics committee to conduct voluntary corporate ethics promotion activities.

Establishment of “Suisho Group Corporate Ethics Reporting System” and “Official Code of Corporate Ethics Reporting System of the Suisho Group”

We have established a corporate ethics reporting system for Suisho group’s business related personnel (employees, temporary workers, temporarily accepted employees, part-time workers, suppliers, etc.). In addition to the in-house contact point, we make law enforcement easy environment for whistle-blower by allowing lawyers’ office to be outside contact point and allowing means of reporting such as telephone, e-mail, mailing etc. to be selected. The report can be done anonymously, and protection is thoroughly carried out so that the reporting person does not receive disadvantageous treatment. When receiving a report, we immediately investigate the factual relationship and take necessary measures.

Introduction, practice, verification, improvement (P โ†’ D โ†’ C โ†’ A) of “concrete measures for establishing corporate ethics”

In the Corporate Ethics Program, we introduce specific measures after formulating policies and standards and establishing systems, and we are implementing each measure reliably.
In addition, by periodically checking the operation status and reviewing it regularly, we are aiming to be a company that can thoroughly comply with laws and regulations and continuously maintain high ethical standards.

  • Individual field regulations for establishing corporate ethics, manual preparation, operation
    Anti-monopoly law compliance program, antisocial forcible exclusion program, Suisho group anti-bribery program, occupational safety and health manual, quality manual etc. Individual field regulations / manuals Maintenance, operation is carried out.
  • Implementation of training to establish corporate ethics
    Every year, we conduct training within the company ethics office for all employees of Suisho Corporation and major group companies.
    Using texts prepared by the Corporate Ethics Committee, we discuss specific topics such as compliance with the Construction Business Act and elimination of anti-social forces, as well as discussions on bribery prevention against foreign public officials, information security measures. We also do fine-grained training such as learning about.
    We also conduct outside seminars for executives and provide education and training according to the laws and regions of each country overseas. Group companies revise the content according to the business fields of each company with reference to Suisho’s text and conduct training.
  • Penetrations of Corporate Ethics, Measuring and Evaluating Mechanisms for Establishing Evaluation
    Status Monitoring of the implementation status of the Corporate Ethics Program is monitored by a supervisory program such as bid rigging by the Board of Corporate Auditors and internal audits by the operation management office.
    At the Corporate Ethics Committee, in addition to receiving third-party evaluations on the implementation status of the corporate ethics program by external experts, the staff association chairperson gathers the opinions of the members concerning corporate ethics and participates from several aspects. We are also monitoring.
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