Facing with people in good faith

  • Working with a variety of people, such as colleagues and bosses, workers outside the company, to do business.
  • Despite respecting the other’s opinion, I express my opinion clearly. Correct communication skills are required.

Thinking Personality

  • Architectural work is like a relay. It is important not only to merely perform the role imposed on him but also to think about how the next person can work efficiently and pass on the baton.

Creativity in rules

  • It is natural to observe rules, both in work and in society. However, I would like you to know the essence of why that rule is not “I will not do it because I was told” . Breakthrough is something that people who know the rules can produce.

Teamwork and passion

  • With teamwork, Suisho Corporation, which creates one work, always values the sense of unity of its employees from around the clock.
  • It is a major premise to sympathize with this corporate culture and to work together.
  • Of course, we do not need to meet all of these at the present time. I would like to meet people who have enthusiasm; spirit and belief in the future like this. The important thing in that case is like enthusiasm for architecture, enthusiasm to challenge together to create new value. I greatly expect growth from joining the company.
  • I am looking forward to seeing so many people, with enthusiasm and ambition, with so many people.
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